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Virtually Unbreakable

Lifetime Guarantee! The Hangsafe coat hook design is created from polycarbonate plastic making it virtually unbreakable. It’s is the same material used for American football helmets, bulletproof glass, and airplane windows. Our safety coat hook is so strong, we confidently offer a lifetime warranty. Our thousands of customers will tell you that even after years of wear, HangSafe coat hooks are still holding strong, and our customers are pleased they’ve only had to pay for our safety hook once.

Designed for ample storage.  Each HangSafe hook stands 7″ tall, 1 1/4″ wide, and 3/8″ thick. When mounted onto a HangSafe coat rack, the hook stands 3 1/2″ above the rack, offering ample storage space for thick coats, heavy backpacks, winter scarves, and even a lunchbox.

Create a safe environment by replacing protruding coat hooks. Our trademarked, flat-profile design makes our backpacks and coat hooks unique and safe. We ensure a safer environment even when hung at eye-level. Over the past twenty years, the child-safe coat hook design has proven to be the safest option for many schools, churches, daycares, and other commercial facilities around the world.

Mounted for lasting use. Each HangSafe hook is mounted using stainless steel hardware. We use two, #14 x 2″ stainless steel screws and stainless steel washers per hook. The fasteners cannot be removed easily by hand, which ensures them staying where you put them.